When brainstorming for the Video & Sound 4-week assignment, we all were pulled towards making a documentary. Our ideas surrounded mostly around broad themes: specific profiles in NYC, or areas with characteristics. As we aimed to get into a more specific theme, Nicola started explaining how he the previous week visited Williamsburg and though a lot about gentrification. This became especially evident when he had talked to an older Italian lady who had been living in Williamsburg for around 30 years. The building that she lives in is rusting and old, but right next to it is a brand new “Euro” building. This became inspirational for us and the next day we decided to together go to Williamsburg for a few hours to scout for locations and story. We came across a lot of cross-sections of the old and the new, which was very inspiring. From that on we put together a very adaptable storyboard. The intention was to create a framework for our story as we are not fully sure what the story will unravel to be.