Final Project Proposal

For my final project for P-COMP, I am hoping to create a series of interactive illustrations/posters, by using conductive paint and touch board: through touch the illustration and stories are activated and elevated. The elevation could happen through sound or running an animation or through some other mediums. With the stories, I am aiming to create something that brings joy, brightness, humor and laughter to the participants, viewers, people. But also brings a chance to explore an interesting topic that expand our everyday thoughts.

Some ideas for themes & Inspiration:
1)A topic I have recently discovered and enjoy learning about: African Tribes. Illustrate different African tribes, for example, through tribal face paint uniqueness (BEAUTIFUL! ) and when touched a source of  the tribe is brought through sound (tribal songs, tribal voices). (For example, ZuluSan BushmenMaasai). A little but hopefully delightful interaction for learning about different African tribes. Still thinking of what to illustrate. 
2) An Adventure Through the Worlds of Idioms (NPR: An Enchanting Tour Through A World Of Idioms & Illustrated Idioms of the World) – Could use the different cultures represented at ITP.
3) The Power of Imagination (Quora: What does the human mind look like in your imagination) Ask different people what they think imagination looks like and illustrator their answers. When illustration is touch at specific spots, the toucher could hear the recording of the description.
4) “Commentaries of Living” by Jiddu Krishnamurti, Choose a few essays from his collection to illustrate and elevate. Tales of knowledge & fulfillment. (Commentaries on Living)

Main Inspiration:

Illustrator and Storyteller Maira Kalman &

Process & Explanation:

I love books. I love reading. I love illustrations. I love stories. I love storytelling.

I have never been a good writer. Anytime before last year of high-school, I was one of the worst in any kind of essay writing. Usually not because I did not have the knowledge, but because it was a hard way form me to express myself. But I am fascinated by storytelling, especially through illustrations and graphic design.

I have found my medium for storytelling through images, illustrations and drawing. It is something that I have always been rooted to but only recently have embraced and accepted. Which is why it is something I want to continue to learn in and grow in.

When our instructor asked us to think back to what is meaningful for us, I immediately ventured into global geo-politcal or social issues. There are many global and also social issues I am passionate about, but I am also always inspired by works that are just created to create delightful moments. I decided to this time try out my other two passions  & interests and what I have found meaningful in my life: learning about different cultures and creating something goofy and quirky that brings joy, laughter and brightness to our everyday lives.

Another interest in me is the idea of analog versus digital. I want to combine the analog and digital in an interactive way. I think technology should not discourage analog forms and also analog should not run away from digital. There is ground for exploring the combination without losing the dignity of either sides.

For a while I have been looking into interactive physical books that either are still in concept form or already developed. I found the Electrolibrary project ( by Waldek Węgrzyn, who made it for is diploma as a graduate student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland. The project contains both a website and a physical book, but also the ability to interact with each other: for example, turning page in the book would navigate the website also. I am utterly fascinated with this project and process and quite possibly is something that I might and hopefully try to use as an inspiration for my thesis next year..


As creating an interactive book is something that need far more dedication and time, I have decided to maybe through this final incorporate my new found interest and passion: graphic design. Before ITP I was never the one to do graphic design. For different projects there was always someone who had experience and was an obvious choice. In fact I discouraged myself from getting involved in this creative part as some of my closest friends are graphic designers. Now, as I have had the 7-week crash course with Visual Language, I can not keep myself away from thinking about graphic design and everything that comes along with it. It is something I also have recetnly embraced and accepted and want to incorporate it into my work. Which is way I have dedicated to personally and privately educate and learn about this world even more.

This gave me an idea of instead of a physical book, to maybe create series of posters that become interactive through touch. Through research about different interactive books, I discovered the possibilities of conducive paint and ink.

Some sources:
Blink by Manolis Kelaidis

Bare Conductive

The moment I started researching about conductive paint and found Bare Conductive, I realized that this might be the material for me to try out my desire to create interactive storytelling through illustrations and posters.